Weekend At - Flamingo Beach Resort, Dubai UAE


This post is about a weekend-getaway I had taken last year with my cousin and her family. Dubai, UAE sure does have many places for fun getaways but what makes Flamingo Beach Resort stand out is the beach activities held here. For those of you planning to pay a visit here, I hope you find this post helpful.

Retro-Innovative Iftar at Jodhpur Royal Dining

Call it Retro-Innovative cuisine or Modern Indian Cuisine, the 5 months old Jodhpur Royal Dining does not fail to succeed in taking you on a journey of gastronomic delight. Whether its the impressive presentation or the unique combination of flavors, the lavish food will fulfill your taste-buds leaving you close to speechless. Even though this restaurant has a lot to offer, people mostly look forward to having one particular thing - the awfully delicious Macaron Chaat. Wait, WHAT?

Zomato Meet-Up at the Fish Market

If you're wondering that out of all the restaurants in the UAE, why has Zomato organised a foodie meet-up at the Fish Market then let me tell you that 'Fish Market' is actually the name of a restaurant in Radisson Blu, Deira which is one of the oldest and reputed Hotel in Dubai. A restaurant where you buy the fish and ask the chef to prepare it as per your pallet. Well, I'm sure by now you must have already guessed that this is no ordinary place and you're absolutely right!

The China Club - A Heaven for Dim Sum Lovers

Considering the countless eateries serving Chinese Cuisine in Dubai, not every restaurant makes me want to re-visit. However, there are a few places that I know I will be returning to (even before leaving from there) because of one particular dish that may be (MAY BE) I might not find anywhere else. The China Club is most certainly one of them.
Reason being - The DIM-SUMS! 

Logma - Comfort Khaleeji Treats

Ever since Logma has opened its doors, it has been constantly buzzing with people due to two obvious reasons. One being the location - Box Park, a coolest hangout place and the other being the addictive Khaleeji spiced food. On the occassion of Logmas 1st Anniversary, I received a generous invitation by Mr. Mazen, the Manager of Logma, to bite into their traditional Emirati Cuisine which is prepared with a modern twist. Apart from the food and the location, Logma is also known for the place Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum visited. YES! You read that right!

#TasteParadise at Costa Coffee

I'm sure all the Costa Coffee fans (including me) are familiar with their unique coffee blend 'Mocha Italia' which is being roasted since 1971 at the London Roastery on Old Paradise Street. But did you know that Costa Coffee also has a series of limited edition roasts? Well, Neither did I. I learned about it a week ago when I was invited along with some bloggers and foodies by Costa Coffee to discover the intense taste of the new Limited Edition Roast No.11

Dining with strangers at the Long Table

When I first heard about the Long Table Event taking place in Dubai, I was beyond excited to be a part of it and why wouldn't I be? Eating lunch in the open air with the gorgeous view of Burj Khalifa isn't an everyday thing. Also, after learning that 'gravlax' and 'assorted cheesecakes' are going to be a part of the meal, there was no way I would miss this opportunity. Moreover, dining with strangers? Well, it sounds like a fun adventure to me!