Views from Moon Plains | Sri Lanka

"The best view comes after the hardest climb"
EXCEPT if don't want to climb and still look at a highly breathtaking sight, all you need to do is hire a jeep!

Srilanka has been more of nature loving for me with plenty of natural attractions around but the view from Moon Plains have totally left me paralyzed with awe.

Moon plains, locally referred to as 'Sandathenna', is a central plain located in Nuwara Eliya. Earlier, this place was a deep valley and the Nuwara Eliya Municipal Council used a major part of it as an open dump site to dispose all the waster. You'd be surprised to know that this place is now the latest attraction in Srilanka and was open to all visitors during mid 2014.

On arriving (10-15 minutes drive from Town) there is an entrance fee to be paid. You can then hire a jeep to get on the top. The drives is for around 15-20 minutes. On you way up, a few animals like Sambar deer, Wild Buffaloes, Roosters (national bird of Srilanka) can be spotted. Make sure to wear warm clothes as it will be teeth clattering cold up there.

You have arrived at your Destination!


The moment we arrived, I knew I didn't want to leave. The views from up here left me lost for words. Even calling it magnificient would be an understatement!

I've listed down a few views that you can expect from the view point:

1. Look around for a dramatic landscape of SEVEN DIFFERENT MOUNTAIN RANGE

2. Spot the PADDY FIELDS at a distance if you visit early morning or during noon.

3. Take in the LUSH GREENERY around you. You'd be amazed by the vastness of the plains.


This mountain is related to the famous Ramayana story in Hinduism. According to the traditional beliefs, it is said that the Hakgala moutain was formed by the chunk of rock brought from the Himalayas by Hanuman, the monkey God.


Being highly obsessed with clouds, this view was like a cherry on top for me!


Timings - 7.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. (Daily)
Best time to visit - Early morning or between 4.00 p.m. - 5.30 p.m.
Entrance fee for locals - Rs.50 per head
Entrance fee for foreigners - Rs.250 per head
Jeep Hire - Flexible rates (You must bargain)

Over to you!
Comment below telling me about any view from your travels that holds a special place in your heart :)

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