If only I could spend a few more days here! My trip to Srilanka was for a pretty short time and there were too many sights to visit! So we planned on staying for two days in Nuwara Eliya; known as the 'Little England' of Srilanka.


Founded in the 19th century by the British, Nuwara Eliya is now known as Srilanka's premium hill country and referred to as 'Little England' or 'City of Lights' by the tourists. Surrounded by flourishing scenery of forests, misty-mountain atmosphere and tea plantations, it is 6,199 feet above sea level. You'll know you have entered this city when the cool breeze hits your face.

Most of the buildings, cottages, hotels and even the Post Office, are built and furnished in the colonial architecture and style with English style lawns and gardens.

Nuwara Eliya: Town Post Office


The climate here is pleasantly windy on a sunny day, but you should expect a little drizzle. The nights are cooler than the days. Seasonal rains are common and it frosts around winter.


Bus, Trains (Nearest station: Nanu Oya), Hire cars.


They have a good range of Hotels to suit all budgets. However, I would suggest staying in the cottages as it thrills you with the experience of living in the English countryside. Most cottages do not have Air Conditioning or even fans for that matter. Considering the climate, you won't need or miss them either.



This place was initially used for water sports and competitive activities during the British reign. It is now open to all visitors. 
I would personally recommend visiting Gregory lake after you have visited other sites around, that have a visiting curfew.

And after a long day of sight seeing *and falling in love with the place*, you will find that you need some time to sit back and grasp it all in. You can come here and sit by the lake; watch the clouds pass by effortlessly in the blue skies; feel the cool breeze on your face; look at all the cottages around; go speed/paddle boating; ride a water bike; take a pony ride; have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate from the restaurant by the lake to keep you warm and indulge in some snacks/food. In other words, JUST RELAX!


The strawberry farm was something I heard of before and thought of visiting it as I never visited one before. Apart from the beauty and the lush greenery that welcomes you, there is an informative learning of the plantation process associated. Some may prefer visiting other sights, some like me, may prefer a glass of fresh strawberry milkshake!

Now if there's one thing I've enjoyed here, it would be the tractor ride! You travel down to the strawberry farm on a tractor. Once you're there, a guide shows you around the farm, explains the process and if you're lucky you might get to eat some fresh strawberries from the bush itself! They also have a little stall serving "everything strawberry" like milkshakes, cream or even better; strawberry PIZZA!!


Known as the best place for hiking in Sri Lanka, the Horton Plains National Park is 32km from Nuwara Eliya. Make sure to visit this place early in the morning as you might not want to miss the stunning views on your walk to the World's End; a sheer precipice within the park.
Unfortunately, I couldn't make it here and I feel terrible about it. 


Tea lovers, this place is basically "your kind of heaven"
Sri lanka is known as one of the  Best Tea Plantation Country  and Nuwara Eliya is considered as the most important location for Tea Plantation.
Mackwoods Labookellie Factory is the first tea factory in Sri Lanka and it currently owns an incredible amount of land of the city's north.
You can enjoy a quick free tour for about 10-15 minutes where the guide explains you about the tea-making process from picking the correct leaves to rolling, drying and shifting them.

You can then visit the Mackwood's cafe to have a look at the varieties of tea and purchase if you wish to, or you could sit outdoors and enjoy the view of the Tea Plantation on the opposite side while indulging in some warm tea there itself!


Oh, Ambewella, how I love thee!
Known for the widest grassland in Sri Lanka, Ambewella is a small town in Nuwara Eliya; popular for Bird Watching, Scenic Landscapes and a cattle Farm! It is divided into two farms; "Ambewella farm" & "New Zealand farm"

Keep your eyes on the road throughout the journey (30-45 minutes from Nuwara Eliya) and take in the stunning scenery around of the rolling hills and the giant grazing cows! What a sight!

If you do visit the cattle farm (which you must!) don't miss out to drink a glass of fresh milk and  indulge in some cheese coming straight out from the cheese factory right there!


This attraction of Sri Lanka made me want to explode with joy and it also holds a special place in my heart. Click here to read in detail about Moon Plains.


Going for a walk in the night!
Okay I know you've had a long day visiting places and all you want to do after dinner is curl up in your blankets and sleep. But HEY! It's a cold chilly weather out there and once you've left this city get ready to say 'hello' to the heat! So don't be lazy; put on your hoodie and a beanie and go see how this city looks like in the night!

Over to you! Have you visited Nuwara Eliya yet? If yes, what did you like about this gorgeous city? If no, let me know if you plan to visit here in the near future & i'll be happy to help you with any additional details! :)