Eating in a country so generous with spices was very challenging yet exciting! Hang on to my advice of stating your 'level of spicy' before hand or get ready for a flaming party inside your mouth. Just warning!

What I expected here was a bowl of rice and curry but like I said, Sri Lanka has its own 'generous style' of serving food. They serve you a combination of their signature foods like Dhal Curry, Kokul Mass Curry, Fish Ambul Thiyal, Two Vegetables, Sweet Chutney and Fried Papadum. A lot to remember? Don't sweat it! You only have to say two words, "Rice & Curry".

A breakfast favorite! Egg hoppers are made in a pan like this (picture below) They are nothing but an egg cracked in to the bottom of a thinly spread hopper batter. You can simply have them plain or to make it more interesting, fill that nest with mushrooms, sausages, BACON or go for the Sri Lankan style hopper by adding "Lunu Miris", a mix of red onions and spices, taking the egg hopper to a whole new level!

This mouth-watering street food is the locals favorite. Kottu Roti as a whole is made of shredded roti, vegetables, eggs, meat or seafood (according to your preference) and is served with a SPICY sauce! You can also find this in the hotel buffet or food trucks but if you really want to enjoy this street food there is no place better than having it on the street itself where they prepare it fresh, right in front of your eyes! 

Caution: This street food can be highly addictive!

One must not leave Sri Lanka without sipping on the varieties of tea this country has to offer. Oh! the aroma as the tea is being poured in your cup! It made me want to ditch the coffee! A box of Sri Lankan tea would also make a perfect souvenir!

Exploring a village in Sri Lanka was one of a kind. Right from learning about the lifestyle, means of transport, vegetable plantation to climbing up the tree house! It was quiet a peaceful day. However, out of everything the food stood out. It's more of the basic Srilankan food but prepared in a typical village style and uber, uber delicious! Trust me you don't want to miss this one!

A dutch combination of "lump" and "rice" which is poplular and well liked by most of the Sri Lankans. Lumprais is the basic rice and curry again with a few more add ons but all wrapped up and baked in a banana leaf.

A very popular and a traditional custard pudding of Sri Lanka, bursting with flavors both sweet and spicy. It is prepared with coconut, milk, jaggery, cashew nuts and spices including cardamom, cloves and a dash of nutmeg. Never ever say no to this one!

There are many things in Sri Lanka that will catch your eye! Out of which one is the number of coconut trees. So stop by and get your hands on one of those sweet and refreshing coconuts!

I had never heard about a woodapple until I visited Sri Lanka and once I was there, I could spot them everywhere! Wood Apple is a very common and a native fruit of Sri Lanka. Wood Apple juice is a must-have when visiting Sri Lanka!

While there may be plenty more must-have food in this country, these were all that could make it to my personal favorite list.

Do let me know if I've missed out on any and what did you enjoy eating the most here!

Love, S! xx


  1. So happy to see lumprais made the list. They're one of my favorites :)

    Sarah |

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