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Ever since Logma has opened its doors, it has been constantly buzzing with people due to two obvious reasons. One being the location - Box Park, a coolest hangout place and the other being the addictive Khaleeji spiced food. On the occassion of Logmas 1st Anniversary, I received a generous invitation by Mr. Mazen, the Manager of Logma, to bite into their traditional Emirati Cuisine which is prepared with a modern twist. Apart from the food and the location, Logma is also known for the place Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum visited. YES! You read that right!

It was a relaxed Thursday afternoon when I visited Logma with my niece. On entering, we were warmly greeted by the staff, each wearing a Emirati headwear. The decor was quiet traditional. What caught my eye were the hanging lanterns which made me wish I should have visited here in the evening when the lanterns were lit as it would have given a typical Emirati vibe.
We started off with beverages - Logma Shake for me and Atlantis for my niece. After a sip or two, we found ourselves switching our drinks as the refreshing tangy taste of Atlantis (soda with lemon and mint leaves) seemed to please me more. Whereas, my niece enjoyed the combination of Banana + Dates + Honey + Ice Cream all blended together, tasting thick and sweet.
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For entrees, I already knew what I wanted as Logma's instagram account had me drooling over few of their dishes for quite a long time now. If you haven't guessed it already, it's the LOGMA FRIES and CHEESE SAMBOUSA. Having ordered these two, our server suggested that we must try their Spicy Khaleeji Wings as well and being a sucker for spicy food, I happily agreed.
- Logma Fries: One of the many reasons why people visit this place is for Logmas (HIGHLY ADDICTIVE) signature Fries! They are fried to perfection; crisp from the outside and soft from the inside. What makes them extraordinary is the seasoning - khaleeji spices and crisp herbs. I was surprised to see myself have fries without ketchup. YEAH! They are that good!
- Cheese Sambousa/Samosa: One cannot visit Logma and not have their Cheese Sambousa. As you bite in the sambousa, the spice sprinkled on it is sure to put your taste buds on fire but as the stuffing (cream cheese mixed with crispy oman chips) makes its way in your mouth, OH MY GOD! I can't even....... You have to try it to know it.
- Khaleeji Wings: These fried chicken wings looked so tempting when they arrived. However, they weren't as spicy as the server said it would be. In fact, it was more on the sour side.

Logma Fries
Cheese Sambousa
Khaleeji Wings

For Salads, our server suggested us to try the Pomegranate Mozzarella. The salad consisted of all things fresh and healthy with huge chunks of mozzarella and pomegranate seeds but what made it more interesting to eat was the dressing.
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Next up were our Main Course. As they have limited options for mains, it wasn't really difficult to decide.
- Chicken Shwarma Sandwich: I found the Shwarma to be quiet ordinary BUT fresh. Nothing about it woo'ed me except for the soft Khameer bread (a traditional Emirati bread) Not forgetting the generous amount of stuffing. You might want to share this one.
- Logma Shrimp Rice: I may have not liked the rice due to lack of flavors but that's how khaleeji food is supposed to be; subtle and well, subtle again. The shrimps on the other hand were flavorful and succulent.

Shwarma Sandwich
Logma Shrimp Rice

Coming to my favorite part of the tasting - The DESSERTS!

What? Okay I know we have eaten way too much but Hey! This is Logma! You can't leave without trying at least one of their sinful dessert or in my case, TWO!
- Luqaimat: A MUST-HAVE! I had been waiting to try this popular Emirati Dessert and now that I finally did I'm wondering why was I even waiting. For those of you who don't know what luqaimat is, its a crunchy/chewy sweet dumpling and is speically made during the Holy week of Ramadan. Here at Logma, you have an option to drizzle it with date syrup or NUTELLA!!! I, obviously went with the latter.
- Rahash Fondant: If you are a dark chocolate + fondant lover, you're going to love this. The fondant here was perfectly baked and ridiculously good with not too thick / not too runny dark chocolate oozing out. Moreover, it was topped with rahash; sweet middle eastern nutty fudge. Just YUM!
*** If you have space for more, then do try their Chebab Katayef; Emirati pancakes stuffed with mascarpone cheese and dates, served with ice-cream. These are very rich in taste. Honestly, I wish I would have skipped one from the main course to try this.
Rahash Fondant

We ended our meal in a very traditional way by having Logmas special Saudi Coffee which is served with fresh dates. It was a pale, cardomom flavored coffee, brewed without the addition of sugar. At first, I didn't like how it tasted but it kept getting better as I continued sipping it and there I was, pouring myself another cup of goodness.
Saudi Coffee
                Thank you Logma, Mr. Mazen and the very kind as well as informative staff, specially Mike,
                                          for assisting us and hosting such a delicious lunch!

Disclaimer: My meal was sponsored by Logma but my review is unbiased and my thoughts on the food come straight from my taste buds.
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