The China Club - A Heaven for Dim Sum Lovers

Considering the countless eateries serving Chinese Cuisine in Dubai, not every restaurant makes me want to re-visit. However, there are a few places that I know I will be returning to (even before leaving from there) because of one particular dish that may be (MAY BE) I might not find anywhere else. The China Club is most certainly one of them.
Reason being - The DIM-SUMS! 

The atmosphere is quiet relaxing yet lively with soft music playing and the lighting being just perfect; not too bright, not too dim. The huge chandelier in the center and the brightly colored antique silk makes this place look even more elegant. The China Club in Radisson Blu, is an award winning best Chinese restaurant serving a range of mouthwatering dishes showcasing the flavors of Peking, Cantonese and Schezwan Cuisine. You can either savor on a traditional Yum Cha Feast or go for the a la carte menu which may leave you spoilt for choice.

I was here for the YUM CHA FEAST - A buffet where you can enjoy unlimited beverages, dim-sums, noodles and rice dishes. The BEST part? Everything is served right on your table. There is no self service and you don't have to get up from your seat unless you know, washroom.

For beverages, Lemon Iced Tea is what I enjoyed drinking. The Peach Iced Tea, however, was surprisingly good too. Then came in the aromatic soup - Szechuan Hot and Sour Vegetable Soup / Velvet Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup / Vegetable Noodle Soup. I skipped the soup after having a sip or two as there were a lot more to follow. And trust me, you wouldn't want to fill up on these because that is not what we are really here for, ARE WE?
Fried Dim Sums (sweet and savory) and Cold Salads were served but there was a WIDE smile on my face when I saw the trolley heading towards our table which held the steamed dim-sums in baskets piled over each other. OH THE JOY on looking at the variety! Our server quickly told us the names of every dim-sum. From chicken to beef to shrimp, they even serve octopus dim-sums. WHAT! Out of everything on our table, I absolutely enjoyed eating the steamed dimsums the most.

Fried Dim-Sums
1. Crispy Prawns in Golden Pocket    - GOOD
 2. Spring Rolls                                    - GOOD 
 3. Deep Fried Squid Rings                  - GOOD 
        4. Baked chicken puff pastry               - AVERAGE
        5. Deep Fried Pumpkin Cake              - AVERAGE
  6. Red Bean paste Sesame Balls        -  BEST
  7. Deep Fried Banana / Custard Milk   - GOOD
Steamed Dim-Sums
  1. Chicken Wings / Lamb Rib in Black Bean Sauce    - GOOD
 2. Minced Shrimp wrapped in Tofu Skin                      - BEST
  3. 'Har Gau' Crystal Shrimp Dumpling                        - GOOD
  4.Superior Sier Mai With Crab Roe                            - GOOD
             5. Diced Octopus in Satay Sauce                               - DID NOT TRY
  6. Honey Chicken Char Siew Bao                               - GOOD
         7. Chicken Dumpling                                                   - AVERAGE
 8. Beef Dumpling in Oyster Sauce                              - BEST
 9. Chicken with Mushroom and Ginger                       - BEST

Coming to the main course (Although for me, dim-sums were THE main), we were served crispy noodles, Hakka noodles and fried rice. I thought I was too stuffed to eat any of these until I tasted the crispy noodles and Oh Boy! was it so unexpectedly over-the-top delicious and suddenly my appetite was back! Trust me, this was the BEST crispy noodles i've had till date. Even though it was soupy, the noodles remained crisp till the end and the flavours were just amazing. Make sure you don't miss out on this and also, it's not too heavy on the stomach! The other mains were just fine. Nothing extraordinary. Although, I feel they must include a semi-gravy chicken/beef dish for the main course to go along with the rice.

Now, if there is one thing I did not enjoy here, it would be the desserts. I have never really been a fan of chinese/thai desserts, although the mango with sticky rice looks hella' sinful. I'm more of a 'chocolate dessert' kinda person and since there was nothing chocolate'y on the menu, I decided to try the green tea pudding instead. Frankly, it was very dissappointing. The texture wasn't right and tasted more like a jelly. More desserts include Chilled Coconut Cream with Sago Pearls, Vanilla Ice-Cream with lychee and Mango Pudding.

So, that was the end of the Yum Cha Feast! From my experience, i'd say it was a total steal for AED 139 per person with an outstanding service.

                           For a family/friends gathering you can book their gorgeous looking private dining booth.

                        Thank you The China Club, the Manager - Ms. Madhuri and the very attentive staff,
                                                for assisting us and hosting a delicious YUM CHA Feast!

Disclaimer: My meal was sponsored by Radisson Blue Dxb but my review is unbiased and my thoughts on the food come straight from my taste buds.
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