Retro-Innovative Iftar at Jodhpur Royal Dining

Call it Retro-Innovative cuisine or Modern Indian Cuisine, the 5 months old Jodhpur Royal Dining does not fail to succeed in taking you on a journey of gastronomic delight. Whether its the impressive presentation or the unique combination of flavors, the lavish food will fulfill your taste-buds leaving you close to speechless. Even though this restaurant has a lot to offer, people mostly look forward to having one particular thing - the awfully delicious Macaron Chaat. Wait, WHAT?

The creative mind behind such extraordinary combinations is none other than Chef Pradeep Khullar who not only experiments with opposing flavors but also makes sure his innovation uses a nostalgic format to meet the modern need. I was invited to sample the sit-down Iftar menu at Jodhpur which is reasonably priced at AED 125 serving a four course set meal - Traditional welcome drink to Pre-starters, Starter, Main Course and of course the Dessert.
Located in Al Murooj Rotana, Jodhpur Royal Dining is a sophisticated restaurant with traditional interiors and dim-lit atmosphere. It also offers an outdoor poolside seating which is where I would suggest you to sit, provided the weather is good. We (My sister and I) were attended by Mr. Oliver who served us with genuine attention throughout our meal.

Jodhpur Special Ramadan Menu;
What better way to start an Iftar than by eating dates? Here at Jodhpur, Kataifi Dates are served to begin with. These seedless dates are stuffed with Pistachio Pine Nuts Almond, held together with caramel sauce and placed on a bed of Kataifi. Undoubtedly a rich start to the Iftar.

Next up were two Amuse Bouche (Pre-Starters):
1. Jeera Khaari with Herb Yogurt - This combination took me by surprise since I've always dipped khaari (Indian puff pastry) in tea. I was a bit hesitant to have it with the Herb Yogurt dip but it did taste weirdly good. The khaari was less flaky and the dip, well, I wiped off the dip completely.
2. Macaron - You must be wondering why is this popular French dessert being served as an amuse bouche. I had the same question in mind until I put the macaron in my mouth and surprise SURPRISE! It turned out to be a SAVORY macaron. The meringue (made of almond flour) were sweet but stuffed in between was the cold tangy chaat filling. It was amazing how this unexpected combination worked very well. My mind and my taste-buds both were definitely blown away. Also, you'd be surprised to know that the Chef created this by accident. *Lets take a moment to thank God for such accidents*
Jeera Khaari with Herb Yogurt
Macaron Chaat
1. Chicken & Chestnut Kulcha - This neatly presented bite sized starter was one of my favorite from the menu. It was served with pink peppercorn laban. The chicken filling in the shell shaped kulcha was a little more on the spicy side and tasted nothing but fantastic. - A Must Have!
2. Laban and Ricotta Kebab - Hands down to this starter. The crispy fried melange of ricotta cheese combined with hung yogurt and green chilies, balanced the flavors extremely well. What took me by surprise was the hint of rose flavor. I personally do not like rose flavor and luckily the flavor wasn't over empowering in this kebab. Also, you have an option to choose between a hot stuffing or cold and hot stuffing together. I would recommend going for the latter.
3. Raan (Baby Lamb) - As this dish is prepared in chilly tamarind glaze, the taste begins with tangy and ends with spicy, leaving the subtle flavor of the tender lamb in your mouth. It looked really tempting but didn't seem to please me much as I found it to be more on the tangy side. Honestly, if I had to pick a least favorite from the menu, it would be this one.
Chicken & Chestnut Kulcha

Intermezzos or Palette Cleanser - Mango and Lime Sorbet
These tiny sweet and tangy sorbets served in cute toy pressure cookers were refreshing enough to neutralize our taste buds and get us ready for our next course. Also, would you look at that presentation!

Moving on to the Main Course;
1. Lamb Shank Nihari - Hail this mighty 24 hour cooked succulent lamb leg served with sweet bread bakharkhani. It definitely is a highlight of the Ramadan Menu. Bursting with flavors, this dish is a winner of the main course. - Highly Recommended!
2. Pav Bhaji - This popular Indian food doesn't need any introduction. The Chef has curated his own recipe using dehydrated vegetables which is why the bhaji doesn't taste anything like ordinary. Served with miniature paos and crisp vegetables chips, I'm sure the vegetarians will enjoy this to the fullest.
3. Chicken Tikka Biryani - No iftar is complete without Biryani and the one served here was non-greasy yet finger licking delicious with a distinctive aroma.

Lamb Shank Nihari 
Pav Bhaji

And lastly, my favorite part - The DESSERTS;
1. Kulfi - The rich and decadent Kulfi presented so beautifully was a treat to my eye. The surprise element here were the raspberries which...... (well, let me leave this one for you to find out)  
2. Ras-Malai - Undoubtedly, the star of the show! Ras-Malai is one of the very few Indian Desserts that I love eating and till date, I can say this is the BEST i've eaten. Served in a large bowl placed on saffron flavored milk, topped with milk foam and pistachios and loaded with crunchy kateifi, this dessert was a complete package; it looked and tasted phenomenal. - Highly Recommended!

To conclude with - Keeping in mind the Arabian delicacies for the Holy Month of Ramadan and at the same time maintaining its Indian Identity, I would definitely recommend visiting Jodhpur Royal Dining for a comfortable sit-down Iftar meal with a top-notch service!

Disclaimer: My meal was sponsored but my review is unbiased and my thoughts on the food come straight from my taste buds.
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