Zomato Meet-Up at the Fish Market

If you're wondering that out of all the restaurants in the UAE, why has Zomato organised a foodie meet-up at the Fish Market then let me tell you that 'Fish Market' is actually the name of a restaurant in Radisson Blu, Deira which is one of the oldest and reputed Hotel in Dubai. A restaurant where you buy the fish and ask the chef to prepare it as per your pallet. Well, I'm sure by now you must have already guessed that this is no ordinary place and you're absolutely right!
Opened its door in 1989, Fish Market gained its popularity instantly due to its unique supermarket concept and is said to be one of Dubai's favorite sea food restaurant. To be honest, I was clueless about this place until Zomato invited me for a fun tasting here and when Zomato invites you, never say No. On entering, I couldn't help but notice how the thatched roof, bamboo and hut style interiors, assortment of the freshest sea food on ice, display of vegetables and the view of the creek have totally justified the name 'Fish Market'. Also, when the popular Chef Uwe explained us about the concept i.e. choosing the fish + vegetables + sauce, it all began to make sense. Basically, you can customize your sea food dish here or just go for the house advice. The only thing not similar to an actual fish market is that you won't get any foul smell. 

We kicked off our tasting session with some refreshing beverages and small bites; french fries and garlic bread.
The servers then got us the seafood starters - Tiger Prawns in lemon garlic butter and Fried Calamari; both of which are my favorite among the rest sea food. I loved the perfectly golden fried crisp calamari but the huge Tiger Prawn stole the show. With every bite it kept getting better and its combination with garlic butter sauce was just fantastic.

The aroma of the main course got me drooling already. We were served;
1. Grilled Halwa (Black Pomfret) garnished with herbs - It was cooked well but the taste was a little on the bland side.
2. Scallops in Garlic Butter - I'm no scallop person so I don't have a say in this but since its prepared in garlic butter sauce i'm sure it was good!
3. Red Snapper Fish in Thai Curry - Being a sucker for thai curries, I absolutely relished every bite of this dish.
4. Lobster in Red Chili Sauce - This dish was my favorite among the main course. Perfect for spicy food eaters. While some of the foodies found their tongue to be on fire, I sat back and devoured it like a dragon. HAHA!  
5. Egg Fried Rice - The comfort dish. It went well along with the other mains.
6. Stir Fried vegetables in Oyster Sauce - Needless to say that the combination of stir fry with oyster sauce is always perfect.

and finally, the DESSERT - "The Asian Combo" made way to our table. Right from the presentation to the taste, it made us all go WOW!

Fried Calamari | Tiger Prawn in Garlic Butter
Chef Uwe
Sea Food Display
Vegetable Display
Fruit Sushi
My Personal Recommendations (or) MUST HAVE;
1. Tiger Prawns in Garlic Butter
2. Lobster in Red Chili Sauce
3. Stir Fried Vegetables in Oyster Sauce
If you thought this Meet-Up was all about eating, well Of Course! But wait, there's something more!
Zomato meet-ups are always fun mostly because you meet new people who share the same interest as you i.e FOOD but little did we know that there were not one but THREE competitions planned for us to keep us entertained between our meals. WHAAT! 
1. Guess the Ingredients: We had to eat and guess the ingredients of two mini salad bowls given to us. Simple Right? No. Why? Because we were blindfolded ....... And guess who won? ME! (Even after staying ten feet away from salad) 
2. DIY Fish Dish: This is where we had to individually experiment with the fish + sauces + vegetables to create our own fish recipe. A fellow foodie, took away the prize as she experimented with her dish like a pro!
3. Fruit Sushi Making: The Chef taught us the art of making sushi and asked each one of us to get more creative with it. All the foodies got pretty competitive in this last round but there was only one who seemed to work his hand very smoothly with that sushi  

Thank you Zomato, the Chefs and the entire team of Fish Market for the most fishy, interactive and a memorable evening! 

Disclaimer: My meal was sponsored by Zomato and Radisson Blue Dxb but my review is unbiased and my thoughts on the food come straight from my taste buds.
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